However you found out about Kentucky Songbird Photography, and whenever you became a part of this journey, thank you for being here! It’s time we get to know each other, because that is one of the most (if not the most) important parts of the process of working together!

I’m very laid back, and when we meet in person for the first time at your session, I don’t want you to have any nerves whatsoever. Please believe me when I say there is no reason to show up to your session as anyone other than yourself! I get how awkward it can feel to be vulnerable in front of the camera, but after a few minutes of shooting, all of those apprehensive vibes will melt away. I’m goofy (most of my jokes are cheesy, but, I try), I’m giggly, I’m energetic, and most of all, I’m there to lift you up. Your part in all of this is easy: show up, and be yourself. Leave all of the hard work to me!

I consider my style to be bright and joyful – but don’t get me wrong, I let the moodiness peek through when the situation calls for it. My hope is that, whether it be tomorrow or decades from now, you look back through your images with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Regardless of what the tone for our shoot may be, I hope that you feel as though I truly captured your story, genuinely and completely.


Hello, there!

Skyler Bray

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses



I live my day-to-day life alongside my husband and best friend, Cameron, learning the ropes of parenthood. We welcomed our little boy Xavier into the world in the summer of 2020, and he is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to us. 

We live for the simple moments in life. Any day we get to just sit on the couch and play Super Mario Brothers (it's Xavier's greatest obsession), we're grateful.

I was raised in small town Jamestown, Kentucky (I’m still here today), always dabbling in some form of art. For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed the comfort and creativity I’ve found in music. Singing was the first and easiest form for me to pick up on, and then at age eleven, I learned how to play the guitar. A family friend nicknamed me “Kentucky Songbird” after watching me perform a few of my original songs at a local show several years back, and when I was deciding on what to name my business, “Kentucky Songbird Photography” just seemed right. I like to think the name pays tribute to my first love in the arts, while also serving as a symbol of where I’m from, because home is also very important to me.

Throughout my life, I’ve also found inspiration in painting, drawing, crocheting, graphic design, and videography. Someday I hope to figure out the world of quilting, and maybe even learn to play the violin (or at least I keep telling myself that).

I watch documentaries to unwind, I find a great thrill in hunting for hidden gems at Goodwill (so does Cam), and I consider going to concerts with my loved ones to be one of the greatest privileges I could have in life. 

I graduated from Lindsey Wilson College with a double major in Media Studies and Art, as well as a minor in Women’s Studies. My heart has always craved pursuing the arts, so it’s not a surprise I’m where I am today. 

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